upper cervical chiropractic
will change your life

Live Transformed!

Restoring your health…transforming your life!

“I’ll try anything at this point!”

I hear this far too often from patients who have endured a wide variety of health problems, only to have them say later, “I wish I had come to you sooner!”

Too many people suffer needless pain, frustration, or unsatisfactory results in their quest to alleviate their chronic health problems. They go from annoyed to desperate to hopeless.

It’s my mission to change that!

From newborns to seniors, and across a wide range of medical conditions, I can help restore your body's natural healing ability. I will accompany you on your journey to a transformed life. I want you to love and live life with new vitality, and with the same passion and enthusiasm I have for helping you to do so. –Dr. Andrea Jordheim, upper cervical chiropractor in Grand Junction, CO.


Dr. Andrea- I wanted to tell you how much you are missed. I miss seeing you as a patient and I miss the positive effects you had on me physically and emotionally. You had a significant impact on my life in both healing me but also helping me to see a different approach to lifestyle improvement. I find myself thinking 'what would Dr. Andrea do' to solve this or that physical issue for both myself and my kids. And I have solved many things without seeing a doctor and without the use of medications. So, I just wanted you to know I think about you often and I miss you!"
-Andrea A., Livermore, CA

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